KCA Corporation was founded with a single business strategy in mind - concentrate on what we know best and what we do best - which in our case is food service operations. We performed these services at 15 contract sites here in the United States and in the Republic of Korea. During the past 24 years of food services operations, we watched our primary marketplace of military food service contracts evolve from dining facility attendant service contracts into full food service and management food production service contracts. We have been on the leading edge of management and technological changes. One of our corporation’s biggest strengths has been its ability to adapt to technological changes.

We expanded our scope, developed an infrastructure and reorganized in order to meet the challenges within the marketplace. The downsizing of the military has led the corporation to be externally proactive in exploring new marketplaces. The corporation, using these environmental scanning techniques, has prepared itself for any new ventures that may arise. This has encouraged us to explore new markets and undertake an extensive research and development program to implement the needed infrastructure to succeed in non-military cafeterias. Our development program is based upon our extensive experience in military food service contracts which have similar performance requirements, known industry standards as well as lessons learned at our Research Triangle Park Cafeteria. This specialization and experience has enabled us to focus on quality performance at a value that is recognized by our customers as being the best in the industry. Our strategy has proven to be successful and provided the corporation with a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace.

KCA Corporation is a food service provider that can and will modify its services and tailor them according to the specifications of our customers

We provide services in 5 categories:

  • Dining Facility Attendant Services - we provide dishwashing and housekeeping services.
  • Full Food Service - we exercise complete control of the military dining facilities. These duties include planning menus, purchasing, receiving, storing of subsistence and supplies, dishwashing and housekeeping, preparing and serving food, as well as developing, organizing and implementing labor and cost control programs to provide high value and high quality services.
  • Management and Food Production Services - we concentrate on managing the military dining facilities and perform all duties required to operate the facility.
  • Cafeteria Services - we perform these services for our non-military, government clients. These services rendered are complete restaurant services that are tailored to meet the customers’ needs. There are a full range of services and job performances provided such as catering, projected menu planning and costing, food preparation and serving, receiving and storing of subsistence, and supply inventory management.
  • Janitorial Services - we have provided housekeeping services in government facilities.

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