KCA Corporation's executive management team has been instrumental in the Corporation's success in the food service contracting business. Their knowledge of the food service industry and what it takes to get the job accomplished has consistently resulted in an outstanding performance record. A summary of the credentials of the Corporation's executive management team is set forth below.

Corporative Executives – KCA Corporative Executives have 70 plus years of experience in food service contract operations. The executives gained their food service experience from entry level positions and have performed virtually every position within the company. As leaders of the Corporation, they develop strategic plans, lead and direct toward the advancement of the company’s mission and objectives. They utilize continuous quality improvement philosophies, techniques and tools to provide strategic leadership by promoting the company to local, regional, national, and international constituencies. The Corporative Executives approve the company’s operational procedures, policies and standards while insuring production efficiency, quality, service and cost-effective management. These skills have resulted in the success of virtually 100 negotiated contractual agreements for KCA. While increased revenue, profitability and the company’s growth are important there is greater emphasis placed on customer and employee relations. The executives create a culture that leads the workforce inspired to fulfill the corporation’s mission, goals, values, vision, and philosophies.

Accounting – KCA Corporation’s accounting staff has 49 plus years of accounting experience. These experiences span the areas of retail, governmental, manufacturing, public accounting and food service accounting. The accounting staff records the financial data to prepare financial reports, which are essential for management decisions. They also maintain central contractor registrations (CCR’s), Wide area work flow processing of invoices (WAWF), contractor manpower reporting (CMR), sub-contracting plan reporting, and on line representations and certifications applications (ORCAs). We are experienced in fixed price contracts, cost reimbursement contracts with Dining Facility Attendant Services and Full Services.

Human Resource- KCA Corporation’s Human Resources Director has 12 plus years of experience in human resource management and supervision. The Human Resources Director has excellent interpersonal, analytical and organizational skills which are applied to handle human resource issues such as FMLA, EEO, and workers’ compensation insurance. The Human Resources Director is adept at staff recruitment and retention, workforce planning and employment, human resource development, employee and labor relations, and risk management.

Food Service Directors – KCA Corporation has highly qualified Food Service Directors with 85 plus years of military and civilian experience. The Food Service Directors have learned the business from entry level positions and advanced to upper management. Positions held by the directors include Area Manager, Regional Manager, and General Manager. They have worked every management position required to effectively perform food service contracts. The Food Service Directors have developed, coordinated, implemented, advised and evaluated food service programs at military installations. The Food Service Directors have prior military service experience and are extremely diversified in military food service operations. They have working knowledge of the Armed Forces Management Information System (AFMIS), monthly account status, daily production schedules and accountability, storage and subsistence accountability, inventory procedures, ordering of subsistence, monthly inventory accountability, tactical field feeding operations, and fiscal year end audits. The Food Service Directors have been certified in the self-service food sanitation course, and the U.S. Army food service management course. The Food Service Directors held several food service leadership positions in the military such as Dining Facility Manager. As Dining Facility Managers the directors proved to be extremely successful. Their success led to numerous accolades. We have the honor of being the recipient of the Phillip A. Connelly Award for Excellence in Army Food Service.

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