KCA Corporation is one of the nation’s top food service management companies with services tailored to our client’s specific needs. Our reputation for providing high quality food services is beyond reproach. This trust has led to the corporation being selected by state agencies for assisting the visually impaired vendors as a management company for 5 food service contracts in 3 states under the Randolph Sheppard Act (RSA). KCA Corporation has formed partnerships/joint ventures with licensed vendors and currently has operations at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Redstone Arsenal in Alabama, Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama, and Wendell H. Ford Training Center in Kentucky.

KCA Corporation stands alone among our industry in its ability to provide an opportunity for visually-impaired persons to succeed in the military dining facility contract segment of our industry. This distinction serves to maximize the entrepreneurial success of the RSA. It enables the visually-impaired the opportunity to compete in large scale contracts in a competitive environment. We contribute to the shared successes with our partners in Alabama, Kentucky, and North Carolina. We embrace a caring collaboration where support is essential to the success of the Act. Each colleague and state agency shares an active participation in planning and developing a comprehensive strategy in being awarded the contracts.

This distinctive network of caring in the services we provide is an ultimate source of pride for both our partners and KCA Corporation. Our acquisition strategy is effective because of our dedication to building partnerships at every level. KCA’s collaboration with and its unwavering commitment to the visually impaired, licensing agencies and other organizations are paramount to our success.

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