Financial stability is critical to the success of any business. It means having the financial resources to maintain existing business commitments and capitalizing on business opportunities. KCA Corporation prides itself on its financial management and resources. KCA Corporation is confident that its financial resources are adequate to satisfy any contract requirements or contingency that may arise during contract performance.

KCA Corporation meticulously forecasts and plans every commitment. Part of our business strategy is to expand our cash flow while maintaining or decreasing our liabilities to remain fluid in order to meet any uncertainties that may arise in our commitments.

KCA Corporation has been profitable every year since being awarded its first contract. This success can be attributed to pride, quality, and excellence (P~Q~E). Pride in knowing the business we are in, promoting and maintaining Quality customer food service at a fair price and being Excellence at managing our resources.

KCA Corporation's success in the food service industry has resulted in it being able to obtain, as needed, substantial lines of credit from multiple financial institutions. This financial stability combined with in-house resources places the corporation in an enviable position.

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