KCA Corporation has branched out and became a management service company with the states of Kentucky, Alabama and North Carolina’s licensing agencies under the Randolph Sheppard Act Program. KCA Corporation contracts with the state licensing agencies to join with the visually impaired vendors to provide food services to military installations.

The Randolph-Sheppard Act (RSA), 20 U.S.C. § 107 et seq., is a federal law which mandates a priority to blind persons to operate vending facilities on Federal property. The Act was first passed by the United States Congress in 1936. The Act was amended and updated significantly in 1974. James Gashel and Dr. Kenneth Jernigan, both leaders in the National Federation of the Blind, worked closely with Congressman Jennings Randolph who was the original author of the Blind Vending Stand Act of 1936. Congressman Randolph felt strongly that the high degree of unemployment among working aged blind adults was reprehensible. He believed joblessness among the blind must be reduced through a robust program to assist blind people in the establishment and operation of cafeteria, concessions, and vending businesses on federal, state, municipal and potentially private property. He often remarked that if the private sector would not consider the capacity of the blind to work alongside the sighted, blind people should be given opportunities to maximize their vocational potential through the government sector, building their own small business concerns.

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